iPinYou is the world’s leading digital advertising company. Through data and machine learning algorithm, iPinYou served thousands of brands across Asia, Europe and North America.

Since established in 2008, iPinYou has continued bringing innovation to digital advertising trading and audience targeting technology in China, including Programmatic Direct Buying (PDB), Private Market Place (PMP), mobile, Over The Top (OTT) programmatic buying, to help advertisers connect with Chinese audience.

iPinYou has formed the world's prominent research team, introduced leading immense data research methods in the field of advertising technology, and developed Optimus™ system. This technique permits China's largest Internet user behavior data, patented on its audience analysis model, and ad optimization algorithm. Optimus™ system supports programmatic ad buying on PC banner, video and mobile as well as cross-screen of these three.

Entirely, a majority of prominent brands in industries such as FMCG, automobile, IT, finance, e-commerce, and gaming are using iPinYou programmatic buying platform to uplift their brand awareness and to improve their operational efficiency. The platform has effectively served thousands of branding advertisers and tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to authoritative data, iPinYou represents 59.8% market share of brand programmatic buying in China. The future of advertising lies in Data + Technology.