Time: May 30th, 2013

Venue: Beijing Pangu Seven Star Hotel


RTB advertising has been growing dramatically and becoming the fastest growing segment in the global digital advertising in the past few years. RTB advertising is also booming in China in the year of 2013. To lead the RTB advertising in the era of BigData and cloud computing, iPinYou, the largest audience targeting Ad platform in China, will organize 'the iPinYou Global RTB Summit 2013' under the theme of Digital Advertising in the Era of Cloud Computing at Beijing Pangu Seven Star Hotel on May 30th.

Global leaders from major companies in the advertising RTB technology, leading brand advertisers, top 4A agencies, and publishers will participate in the summit, sharing insights on the development of the RTB market in the world in general and China in particular, with high-level speeches, dialogues and panel discussions.


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