Product Introduction

As the leading DSP (Demand-Side Platform) service provider in China, iPinYou is well recognized for its specialty in programmatic buying technology. It extensively supports PC, video and mobile inventory resources, with an integrated capability of Cross-device Identification technology to recognize and connect true audience. Also, by applying Audience Targeting to find the best match between customers and ads, the advertiser campaigns gain a higher win-rate with boosted performance comparisons.

Product Advantages

Covers 95% of Domestic Internet Users, across PC, Mobile and Video

  • Up to 22 billion daily traffic with 12 billion ad exposures
  • Connects to 25 dominant ad exchange platforms in China
  • Approaches to 200,000+ websites
  • 4 billion daily ad exposures
  • Cooperates with all primary video media vendors in China
  • Effective cross-screen Frequency Capping
  • 8 billion ad exposures per day
  • Connects to all primary mobile ad exchange platforms
  • Integrates with 500,000+ APPs

Product Data

Product Features

Maximized advertising performance

  • Cross PC+Video+Mobile
  • Contain all kinds of digital display Ads
  • Innovative Digital Advertising Audience Taxonomy
  • Patent Crowd Analysis Model system
  • 6000+tags
  • Optimal intelligent bidding algorithms
  • Industry leader in bid buying efficiency
  • Being the first to establish Hadoop Cloud Computing Platform
  • The domestic pioneer of bringing in advertising environment in China
  • Brand Safety and Viewability guarantee
  • Advocates to build a transparent advertising ecosystem environment with sustainable development