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1.You are an adventurer with curiosity to explore the unknown. 2.You have a strong logical mind, and is able to discover the essence of incidents, and explain the complex situation in simple words. 3.You are a quick-learner and you like to learn from practice. You have self-learning ability, including learning from the failures, and learning from peers. 4.You are a problem-solver. You are able to solve the fundamental causes of the problem with a full-set of solving process and system. 5.You are able to find the most efficient, smart solution to solve problems.
1.You are able to work proactively with the company training and instructions. 2.You are goal-oriented/an action-taker. You have an ability to enjoy overcoming all the challenges. 3.You are able to accept the differences between you and others, understand the advantages and disadvantages of each other, and work as a team. 4.You are able to understand and accept all the changes. You are willing to challenge your self-limit and go beyond yourself, learn from the failures in the past, move on, and accept new challenges. 5.You are a passionate and conscientious worker that take every duty seriously. You are determined to accomplish work goals and manage your emotion professionally at work.
  • iPinYou’s talent acquisition is based on our vision, culture, value and the needs of business elite’s career development; the talent acquisition is the consideration for reward, promotion and elimination. The talent view reflects our expectation on our partners.

    We believe smart and mature employee should have strong self-learning ability. We provide an open working environment and various learning materials for self-learning.

  • Working in iPinYou, the more trusted you are, the more potential return you can gain. You will be constantly facing different challenges. We provide a platform for you to grow. Be a challenge taker, embrace challenges, and you will find a big stage for yourself.

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