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iPinYou completed 20 Million USD Round B financing


Recently, iPinYou, the largest DSP platform in China, announced the completion of its B round financing. This round of investment was led by CBC, followed by Vangoo Capital and its A Round investor Fu Tak Investments, totaling 20 million USD. This was the first time in China’s RTB market, in which a company received financing in the ten million-level. This round of financing will be used for technology, product upgrades, market expansion, and talent acquisition.


Since 2012, Internet companies in China have suffered from a financing "winter". Therefore, this round of venture capital and at its scale proved that the RTB advertising model emerging in the China market and iPinYou’s leading role within it has been recognized greatly by the capital market.iPinYou owns the leading RTB advertising technology in China, helping advertisers shift to an audience targeting based model, resulting in better efficiency, branding and performance metrics. In the past few years, iPinYou has seen an annual growth rate of 300%.  


Grace Huang, CEO of iPinYou stated: "after more than 4 years of rapid growth starting in 2012, iPinYou has quickly become the largest local DSP. Successful DSPs should not only have the advantages of technology, data and customers, but also enough capital to scale and guarantee success for the long term. In order to quickly expand market share and offer improved services to our customers, we will make full use of this round of financing to fuel investment in product and technology research, and to further acquire both domestic and foreign senior talents. We hope that all advertisers can enjoy the immense value of the DSP platform. At the same time, we also value rich experiences and resources of CBC and Fu Tak Investments in the fields of cloud computing, digital media and advertising."


Zhang Ying, partner of CBC, stated: "we are very optimistic about the future of RTB, which is a new opportunity for digital advertising. And are excited about the combination and application of big data and cloud computing in the advertising industry. DSP itself is a business model with very strong first-mover advantage. After evaluating a number of companies in this industry, we are convinced that iPinYou has clear first mover advantages in terms of technology, data and customers. In addition, its entrepreneurial team consists the top experts from the industry. We expect to use all of our resources to help iPinYou further consolidate its leading industry position.


In March, iPinYou released China's first DSP with the function of RTB, which is also the only DSP integrated to all domestic mainstream exchange platforms. Bidded volume has reached 3 billion per day. And we have seen rapid growth in RTB in global markets, reaching 50% of overall digital advertising share in US and Europe, with China beginning its RTB revolution in 2012. iPinYou’s DSP has served hundreds of global and local top 500 enterprises, including the industries of FMCG, e-commerce, tourism, automobile, finance, IT and so on. In the past few months, iPinYou has also rolled out other products such as video DSP, mobile DSP and retargeting.  

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