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iPinYou in strategic cooperation with Asiainfo, jointly establishing Big Data Lab


Recently, iPinYou, the largest DSP platform in China, announced that it had set up "Connected Big Data Lab" with Asiainfo, a world's leading big data technology company providing IT solutions in the communications industry. The Big Data Lab aims at studying the creative application and practice of telecom/operator-level data in digital advertising. This will be accomplished through the integration of both parties' advantages in data resources and cloud computing. This is both a challenging and valuable endeavor that efficiently onboard telecom/operator’s data for the use of big data marketing. And on the condition that user privacy is protected, the programmatic value of each user will now be more clear and activated.


"iPinYou has years of experience in applying big data in digital advertising, especially in the field of programmatic advertising. Its superior technology and cutting-edge insights and use of big data are the most important basis for us to choose iPinYou as a partner," said Zhou Fanglei, General Manager of AsiaInfo’s marketing services department. "Having engaged in the communication services market for many years, Asiainfo has in-depth cooperation with telecom operators and owns a rich set of data sources and powerful capacity to process and analyze big data. I believe that the "Connected Big Data Lab" established by iPinYou and Asiainfo can further help operators realize the assets and value of their data.


Grace Huang, the founder and CEO of iPinYou, said that "AsiaInfo, as a 20-year-old IT solutions and service provider in the communications industry, has gained rich experience in big data operation and service based on operators' strong demand for data management. Asiainfo's capacity of data processing and analysis combined with iPinYou's advantage in programmatic advertising are believed to create huge marketing value. However, realizing the full benefit of telecom operator data is challenging despite its great value. The lab’s goal is to put this data into actual marketing environments, directly enhancing marketing, brand building and advertising performance."


"Programmatic advertising emerged in the era of big data, revolutionizing the digital marketing industry. More programmatic innovation will emerge as the use of big data matures. This will occur as more data becomes open and available, with more advanced applications of big data in digital marketing emerging. “


For more information concerning iPinYou’s big data, please refer to the "Big Trend, Big Data, Big Brand - iPinYou Strategy Conference in 2016" to be held at the end of this month.


Introduction to Asiainfo:

Engaged in big data products and solutions, Asiainfo is a major entity in the whole industry chain of big data. As a provider of business support system (including CRM, charging, customer service, BI and so on) in telecom industry, Asiainfo Group, its parent company, has ranked No. 1 in Asia and No. 2 in the world in its field. Asiainfo has extended their big data operation to all areas such as telecom, finance, public security, health care, transportation and advertising gaining substantial operational experience and a large number of data assets. In the past few years, Asiainfo also sought further cooperation in big data with operators.

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