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iPinYou announces completion of Pre-IPO financing, aiming at international cross border market


BEIJING, Dec. 3rd, 2015 -- iPinYou, China's largest programmatic buying DSP, today announced that the company has restructured to become a Chinese company, paving the way for its return to the local capital market.  At the same time, the company has completed a 500 million RMB ($78 million equivalent) round of financing from an investor group led by China Mobile Innovation Fund, which was established by China Mobile and State Development & Investment Corporation, Beiguang Wenzi Gehua Fund and Shenzhen Capital Group. Upon completion of the financing, iPinYou will take advantage of the access to local capital market to create a more developed ecosystem, strengthen its market leadership position through industry consolidations and acquisitions, and accelerate its strategic expansion into mobile, TV and outdoor segments. In addition, the company plans to expand its global presence.


As the industry leader, iPinYou has attracted a great deal of attention as a result of this decision. Grace Huang, Co-Founder and CEO of iPinYou, said, "Returning to the Chinese capital market was a difficult choice for iPinYou. After extensive discussions with secondary market investors, however, we found the investors are very enthusiastic about our business and leadership. iPinYou is not only a leading Chinese advertising technology company but also a big data pioneer in the digital marketing sector. Advertising programmatic buying has entered into a period of rapid development and the industry landscape has been formed. We are confident that we can further accelerate the development of iPinYou and establish overall market leadership by returning to the Chinese capital market."


iPinYou completed the new round of financing, which is said to be the largest single round ever in the Chinese advertising technology sector. Grace Huang explained that among the many potential investors who showed strong interests, iPinYou ultimately chose those who can provide a strategic complement to the company's business. As lead investor, China Mobile Innovation Industry Fund, which was set up jointly by China Mobile and the State Development & Investment Corporation, focuses on investing in the most promising business sectors. Other participating investors include Beiguang Wenzi Gehua Fund, which was established jointly by Radio Beijing Corporation, Beijing Wenzi Investment Fund and Beijing Gehua CATV Network. Shenzhen Capital Group, a group that has invested in more than a hundred Chinese listed companies and is one of the strongest and most influential investment firms in China.


Grace Huang said that the company would accelerate and expand its international business.  Cross border marketing is in high demands.  Foreign brands are most challenged in terms of reaching consumers in China and local Chinese brands are looking for efficient ways to market abroad. The BorderX team, led by iPinYou CTO Shen Xuehua, made major accomplishments in cross-border e-commerce marketing over the past year.  iPinYou will launch a more fledged globalization efforts in 2016.


iPinYou's Grace Huang said that the Chinese securities market is now at a point of innovation, providing more options and possibilities for Internet companies like iPinYou.  The company will also look for their next capital opportunity, focusing on the capital sectors that are a better fit for Internet companies that with a higher level of maturity.

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