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iPinYou participated in China Connect, providing supreme business solutions to multi-national enterprises


The 6th CHINA CONNECT Conference opened in Paris this week, the largest gathering of experts on Chinese consumer trends, digital, and mobile tech marketing in Europe.

This year, the Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin and 400+ top level European and American marketing and digital decision makers attended this unique event. As the largest programmatic buying DSP (demand side platform) company in China andthe only CEO of a Chinese technology company to be invited, iPinYou's founder Grace Huang was a keynote speaker at CHINA CONNECT. The company aims to provide a digital marketing solution for European advertisers trying to enter the Chinese market.

(Photo: iPinYou’s founder and CEO Grace Huang was giving a speech at China Connect in Paris)

As China's big data pioneer, Grace Huang explained the unique ecosystem of the Chinese programmatic buying market, which is growing exponentially. The special media environment and regional characteristics of users' behavior and preferences are significantly different from overseas advertising markets therefore the DSP industry in China is dominated by local DSP enterprises, which is a huge challenge for overseas advertisers trying to get a foothold in the Chinese market.

On the other hand, many media publishers in China build their own DSP and sell directly to advertisers in order to further their own gains from the market. Therefore, this negative phenomenon threatens professional reputations and creates chaos within the DSP industry. On the contrary, in the U.S. programmatic buying industry, each player focuses on their own roles in this ecosystem. For example, the DSP providers in the U.S. focus solely on DSP products and services whereas in China, there are few independent DSPs.

For foreign brands trying to enter into the Chinese market, it is a wise decision to choose an independent DSP partner, which can effectively serve the interests and profits of the advertisers. The DSP industry in China is less well organized, so it is important for advertisers to choose an experienced partner. Endorsed by Fortune 500 brands, iPinYou has experience in serving brands such as P&G, Unilever and GE to provide the professional services for multi-national brands.

Grace Huang also indicated that 2015 is the year of mobile programmatic buying with mobile video traffic and Hero app traffic becomingthe most wanted inventories. iPinYou is leading the wave by integrating the Top 10 video trends in China as well as connecting with Xiaomi mobile API and hence providing mobile traffic up to 6 billion daily PV.

iPinYou has collaboration with data giants including China Mobile, UnionPay, and AsiaInfo to amplify the value of data. The company monetized data value by providing customer insights for European and American enterprises. In addition, iPinYou works with the globe's largest retail intelligence and data provider – Detail Solutions, providing fast consumer packaging O2O marketing and ROI evolution based upon LBS.

By adjusting the concerns of advertising visibility, brand safety, media quality, and anti-spam, iPinYou has a strategic partner - IAS (Integral Ad Science). Both are working hard to create the most advanced capability of brand safety and visibility for advertisers.

Language barriers and communication difficulties are obstacles for European advisers to enter Chinese market as well. A professional and international service team is a crucial part for multi-national advertisers. Since January 2016, iPinYou has launched its multi-lingual and high quality international services team to advertisers. The team is working with international clients from various countries includingthe U.S., U.K. and France to provide high quality support for brands.
Lastly, according to Grace Huang, it is crucial for international advertisers to select the best DSP partners, who can not only practice international marketing concepts, but also have extensive local service experiences. With the professional teams, products, and services, iPinYou has 59.8% of market share in the programmatic buying industry in China. With five offices in Asia and America, the international presences and experiences of iPinYou can bring a high level service to overseas advertisers.

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