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China's leading programmatic ad buying platform provider announces new U.S. headquarters, aims to help American brands successfully break into the Chinese market


BELLEVUE, Wash., September 14, 2016 – iPinYou, China's largest programmatic ad buying demand-side platform (DSP) provider, today announced that it has opened a new headquarters in the United States (U.S.). iPinYou’s new U.S.-based office is dedicated to connecting North American brands with the Chinese market and helping Chinese brands explore international markets. Leveraging a leading team of market researchers and data mining experts, iPinYou has established itself as a worldwide leader in programmatic ad buying and is a brand’s best partner to explore the Chinese market and reach its consumers.



Founded in 2008, iPinYou owns a 59.8 percent share of China’s branded programmatic buying market, and Google Double Click, Baidu and Tencent have recognized iPinYou’s platform with a ‘Best in Class’ award. Last December, iPinYou received a $500 million RMB pre-IPO investment from its exclusive data partner, China Mobile, along with other investors. Beyond China Mobile, UnionPay and AsiaInfo are also iPinYou strategic partners.



“Our new U.S. office and presence in North America are important milestones for the company,” said Grace Huang, iPinYou founder and CEO. “It represents a critical step forward in our mission to open the Chinese advertising market to North American companies and allow Chinese brands the opportunity to look outside the country to reach new customers. The regional characteristics of Chinese consumer preferences are significantly different from North American markets, and we hope our leading expertise in the region provides overseas advertisers the confidence to establish themselves in the Chinese market.”



Huang is considered China's big data pioneer. Her vision and strategic planning have established the company as the leading DSP provider in China. Huang is also a regular speaker on the topics of big data and programmatic ad buying, most notably giving the keynote address at China Connect, a conference held in Paris to explore Chinese consumer, digital and mobile tech marketing trends.



iPinYou’s U.S. headquarters is its first international branch as the company looks to open the Chinese market to all major regions, including APAC, Europe and other markets. As the leading ad buying expert in China, the iPinYou team has been recognized for their expertise and invited to participate in numerous international industry conferences, including the 2016 3AF Asian Marketing Summit, where Asian American marketing leaders gathered to showcase new industry insights, strategies and ideas.



Connecting Brands to the Chinese Market

Led by Dr. Sara Ye, president of international markets, iPinYou’s new U.S. headquarters are currently located in Bellevue, WA. Dr. Ye has more than 16 years of experience in senior digital marketing roles in China and the U.S., including serving as CEO of Aegis Media China’s iProspect and Amnet brands. In July 2016, Ye was an invited speaker at ExchangeWire’s annual ATS Conference in Singapore, where more than 500 delegates gathered to discuss the region’s ad tech industry and highlight challenges that needed to be resolved.



“Our presence in the Northwest provides an opportunity to connect the region’s business leaders and brands with China’s rapidly growing consumer market,” said Dr. Ye. “There are several perceived obstacles to enter the Chinese market, most notably language barriers and understanding the country’s unique programmatic buying ecosystem, and we’re here to help brands navigate these challenges and expand their businesses.”



With a population exceeding 1.3 billion people and digital ad spend poised to reach $40.42 billion in 2016 alone, China is a huge untapped market for many international brands and services. With its new U.S. presence and nearly a decade of experience in China’s unique ad-tech environment, iPinYou is well positioned to help international companies engage meaningfully with Chinese audiences and successfully enter the market.



Along with its new U.S. presence, iPinYou also announced today that it has successfully integrated its solutions with MoPub.  Acquired by Twitter in 2013, MoPub is the world’s leading ad server for mobile application publishers, designed to drive more ad revenue through a single solution. “We are pleased to be working with iPinYou and hope our partnership will better serve digital advertisers in China,” said Elizabeth Gilmore, head of global demand at MoPub. “As a leading mobile platform reaching over one billion unique devices, MoPub is a strong fit for companies who target broader markets, such as iPinYou.”



In July 2016, MoPub published a white paper about the growth of mobile programmatic advertising in the Asia-Pacific region titled, “Mobile Programmatic Advertising in Asia-Pacific: The Time is Now.” iPinYou is the only company in China to be featured in the report, with its CEO quoted in the white paper.



About iPinYou

Founded in 2008, iPinYou is the largest programmatic buying DSP provider in China and is one of the first companies bringing audience-targeted programmatic buying to brands in Asia. iPinYou accounts for 59.8 percent of China's programmatic buying market and features China's largest audience analysis database. The company’s patented OPTIMUS™ System is the first smart advertising optimization platform in China, combining the foundation of big data with big data processing capabilities along with the highest level of scientific research across China's programmatic buying industry. The system can integrate with all major domestic ad exchange platforms, supporting mobile, PC and video ads as well as cross-platform ads. iPinYou currently handles a daily average of more than 24 billion ads.

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