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Programmatic advertising in China - iPinYou's data driven approach to market analysis and audience insights for the world's largest consumer market


SEATTLE, April 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- China's explosive consumer growth makes it a very enticing market for most global brands. Despite its appeal, entering the Chinese market is a difficult and complex process. A few major challenges facing foreign brands are generating audience insight, evaluating brand engagement, and assessing product market fit.


Digital advertising provides a simple platform to gain audience insight, analyze brand engagement and gauge the probability of success for your brand in China. It not only generates robust insights into your targeted audience groups, but also identifies the audience labels that are most highly associated with brands by continuously optimizing the labels used throughout each campaign.


The highly complex Internet environment in China and the astonishing number of Internet users, over 730 million in 2017, make collecting and analyzing audience data in China extremely difficult. Luckily, Chinese programmatic giant iPinYou has a solution. Their demand side platform provides an integrated solution to access over 92% of Chinese media, and offers clients a data driven approach to market analysis, audience insights, and product market fit evaluation.


Many foreign brands assume that they can simply re-use their global audience personas when first entering the China market, but this often causes the advertiser to disregard other high potential audiences that are specific to the Chinese consumer environment. iPinYou's programmatic advertising platform helped a European luxury children's brand realize that while 90%+ of their global consumers were women, the Chinese family dynamics shifted that percentage closer to a 50%, 50% split, and allowed them to increase revenue by targeting men in addition to women. This significant departure from the brand's previous experience elsewhere demonstrates the importance of iPinYou's data-driven approach to audience targeting and insights.


Audience and engagement analysis is the most strategic post-campaign takeaway. As iPinYou's theme for 2017 is "Trust and Transparency," they are going above and beyond basic delivery metrics such as impressions and clicks by partnering with clients to derive insights from granular campaign performance and audience labeling data. This analysis provides marketers with actionable information such as the personas of top-performing consumers, the highest engaged geographic regions, and even the days of the week or weather conditions during which peak performance occurs.


The insights derived from a programmatic campaign not only help improve the performance of future campaigns, but also provide a data driven point of reference for global brands looking to enhance their long-term consumer engagement strategy in China. Foreign brands can leverage these insights to design future campaigns, identify high potential audiences, inform media buys in print and TV, guide the development of strategic partnerships and even inform the selection of retail locations.


iPinYou has received the "Best in Class" award from Google DoubleClick, Baidu and Tencent for their programmatic marketing platform, and obtained a CNY 500 million pre-IPO investment from strategic partner China Mobile and other investors. As China's leading DSP, iPinYou helps global brands identify, analyze, and engage Chinese consumers and succeed in the China market.



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