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iPinYou Announces New European Headquarters


LONDON, Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- iPinYou is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new European headquarters in London, the heart of Europe's thriving ad tech community. The company welcomes David Nottingham as the Director of European Business Development. David will lead the continued development of iPinYou's data-driven technologies as they deliver competitive advantage to clients with digital leadership and content. Joining iPinYou, David will focus on developing new business opportunities by connecting European brands and Chinese consumers. He will further bolster iPinYou's footprints in the fast-growing programmatic advertising market in Europe.
David has over 10 years of digital marketing experience in Europe. With established breadth of digital marketing experience and solid background in serving various multinational clients, David has an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the European business environment. David joins iPinYou from Goby, where he was the Head of Data and Programmatic. David is an alumnus of Warwick Business School and is now excited to lead iPinYou's expansion in Europe with the goal of helping international brands optimize their marketing strategy and maximize marketing ROI in China.
"From a European perspective, knowledge of the Chinese digital ecosystem and how to access it is somewhat limited. It's a key market that all agencies and brands should be looking at and we are really excited to educate and advise on how to best target China's 1.4 billion consumers through iPinYou's buy-side platforms. iPinYou's machine learning approach to embrace big data for programmatic activation offers European brands an amazing opportunity to break into or expand their Chinese operations. I have only been impressed with iPinYou's drive and ambition to work closely with myself and European brands to be the leading provider of programmatic solutions to China's mobile first and ever-expanding market," said David Nottingham.
"We are very pleased David has joined our expanding company to lead our efforts in the highly attractive European market," said Sara Ye, President of iPinYou International Markets. "David brings tremendous experience in programmatic advertising and delivers outstanding results for clients. We look forward to his efforts in growing our capabilities in Europe as we do in North America and APAC."
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, European brands are facing the challenge of reaching Chinese consumers. Taking on the challenge, iPinYou launched the first Chinese Digital Media Trading Platform - Optimus Prime, a cutting-edge global product that guarantees brand safety and transparency in ad serving. As a programmatic buying platform, the system directly addresses advertisers' growing demand for digital advertising. Marketing intelligence can be applied to multiple industries, while the daily amount of data that the company processes reaches the level of petabytes, churning out 400,000 smart strategies in every second. It is unquestionably one of the leading big data and AI platforms in China, with a dominant 59.8 percent market share in China's programmatic ad market. The company continues to grow rapidly in Europe with talented expertise and a strong platform system. iPinYou's extensive presence, in-region expertise, and thorough understanding of the complex Chinese business environment enables clients from around the world to accelerate their entrance and success in the Chinese market.
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