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iPinYou formally enters into SME market


On April 8, iPinYou, the largest DSP platform, formally launched "iPinYou DSP for SME", a RTB self-served platform targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (http://sdsp.ipinyou.com). Through iPinYou, small and middle-sized enterprises can connect to ad opportunities of 3 billion+ times per day (the initial phase including nearly one hundred million bidded impressions on Sina’s web portal). It is reported that the launch of this platform can potentially open tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises' to enter into the RTB era. iPinYou CEO Grace Huang said that many small and medium brands are confronted with the problem of high cost and large budget thresholds in the branding process. But by using "iPinYou DSP for SME", those enterprises can access RTB to achieve the most cost-effective advertising means to build and strengthen their brand promotion.


iPinYou introduced that "iPinYou DSP for SME" is currently the only RTB self-served platform in the market designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Small and medium enterprises now can enjoy extensive inventory reach, sophisticated audience targeting, and the market’s leading RTB optimization supported by multiple patent protection and tens of millions of R&D cost. With no cost for opening an account, all barriers to accessing RTB for small and medium sized clients are now removed. These advertisers can now run ads through a self-served manner, optimize the budget cost, and select various audience targeting, which helps to achieve the most effective brand marketing at the most efficient cost. 


RTB is no longer only a "marketing holy grail" for large enterprises.

Emerging from Europe and America, real-time bidding advertising (RTB advertising) has expanded to globally with explosive speed. In 2012, RTB advertising began and saw sharp increases in China's Internet market, which offered the market a new, powerful platform for big brands to display ads at a more efficient cost. Zhang Zhihong, the Chief Digital Marketing Officer of Aegis Media, believed a mature advertiser brand will expect more efficient ad spending through the real-time bidding (RTB) model.


It is reported that Unilever, an internationally well-known FMCG brand, finds that RTB advertising can bring high quality clicks while reducing 50% of cost at the same time. For international advertisers, their acceptance to this kind of advertising has exceeded expectations. However, given that RTB advertising requires complicated technologies and systems achieved only through DSP technology, only big brands can enjoy its advantages at the early stage.


But with the increasingly intensified need for brand building with owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, iPinYou began on August of last year to research and develop tools tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises and released "iPinYou DSP for SME" . Previously, excluding SEM, small and medium-sized enterprises have limited financial and human resources to connect with large, quality publishers. They were previously also limited by the minimums large portals would enact and required minimum spend of hundreds of thousands of RMB per day, which is no longer an issue with RTB’s reach.


The birth of iPinYou DSP for SME has changed all of this.

Powerful tool essential for brand building of small and medium-sized enterprises. The top marketing challenge for China’s small and medium-sized enterprises is elevating brand. Many enterprises can only rely on SEM to increase traffic, although the cost of branded keywords are also rising. However, to increase brand and build up audiences of users interested in the product, the traditional barriers of large brand marketing exposure always existed. RTB allows small and medium-sized enterprises to have an alternative from Search and effectively establish and grow their brand.


Mark Xie, the co-founder of iPinYou said in an interview that iPinYou DSP for SME has fully considered the marketing features, needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. This tool enables small and medium-sized enterprises to directly reach nearly 3 billion times of advertising display chances per day, including major portals: Sina, Netease, Tencent, etc. This provides 'equal opportunities' for small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises when facing 500 million netizens. In addition, iPinYou DSP for SME is not only designed with advanced optimization settings, enjoyed by big brand advertisers, but also adapted for the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. For instance, automatic online creative production and editing was created for this platform. iPinYou DSP for SME is designed to access wider range of display inventory and audiences to help make their own brands into household names.

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