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Cross-screen DMP for SME released by iPinYou to help them "Win" more business


On September 22, iPinYou, the largest DSP platform in China, released the cross-screen DMP for SME in Beijing tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is another important next step after iPinYou unveiled its DSP designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. This product is a cloud-based SAAS platform aimed at improving an advertiser’s use of data: eliminating data loss, and to better using data to enhance optimization performance and insights analysis. Hundreds of advertisers and agents from small and medium-sized enterprises as well as about 40 well-known media reporters were present to witness the introduction of iPinYou DMP.


Grace Huang, founder and CEO of iPinYou said at the meeting: "Those who possess data win. Based on eight years of experience in managing and using data and with experience of working with tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises' demands, iPinYou is able to create the most suitable data management platform for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Today, some small and medium-sized enterprises can only use basic data analysis tools and CRMs to assist their marketing decisions, which is neither up-to-date with the era of big data nor aligns with how large-size enterprises operates. Therefore, iPinYou decided to invest nearly 100 million RMB to help small and medium-sized enterprises build their own data management capability, which allows them to create their own data collection, management, analysis and application, etc. for improved, data-infused marketing decisions. " The release of this product will not only benefit numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, but also will play a leading role in promoting healthy development within the entire big data marketing ecosystem.


Mark Xie, founder and COO of iPinYou, said that within the entire programmatic advertising industry, data management platforms take on the most important role. The combination of data management platform and DSP platform can maximize the efficiency and imporve performance for small and medium-sized enterprises, customizing the ad experience based on user/circumstantial data.


At the same time, iPinYou DMP for SME is designed to work along with iPinYou’s self-service DSP platform, so that iPinYou’s 830 million cookie data and more than 700 million mobile user data can best help small and medium-sized enterprises achieve efficiency and results for their marketing campaigns.


In addition, DMP for SME has a strong technical infrastructure, forming strategic cooperation with Microsoft Azure’s cloud services to best manage client’s data with the highest quality. In addition, cloud service-based structure makes reading and deploying customer data quicker and more flexible to help achieve "safe and trustworthy data with convenient data deployment".

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