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Mission not impossible - the new age of transparency in China's programmatic buying


SEATTLE, April 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Programmatic buying is blooming in the spring of the Chinese advertising market. According to eMarketer, investment on programmatic buying in China will reach 16.7 billion dollars in 2017, with a 51.5% increase than 2016. However, as many unqualified companies flooded into the industry, underneath the image of prosperity, the threat of non-transparency reveals.


Transparency is a challenging goal for the Chinese market because the fraud network is deeply embedded in the entire industry of advertising. Digital advertising is under attack by unethical behaviors of some companies who intentionally leave technologies unclarified, fall into moral myopia, pursue only short-term profits, or refuse to disclose key information.


The ubiquity of fraud significantly hurt advertisers' trust in digital advertising, and they decided to fight back. At this year's IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, P&G Chief Marketing Officer Marc Pritchard called for ad agencies to get to "a transparent, clean and productive media supply chain" in the face of "crappy advertising accompanied by even crappier viewing experiences." Like P&G, advertisers will no longer waste their time and money on a non-transparent media supply chain. Driving industry-wide transparency becomes the top priority for advertisers.


According to Grace Huang, founder and CEO of iPinYou, "Advertisers distrust digital advertising due to the fact that the entire digital advertising chain is like a black box. As some companies unethically brag about the technologies they don't really possess, the negative impact of the black box is amplified. Breaking the black box becomes inevitable."


To address the need of transparency, all media and technology companies must take actions immediately. As the leading DSP company with over 59% market share in China, iPinYou takes the lead in promoting a transparent, clean and safe digital advertising environment. Since its establishment, iPinYou always focuses on providing the most premium traffic to clients. With zero tolerance on fraud, iPinYou promises that once fraud is detected, all traffic will be refunded.


Taking a bottom-up approach, iPinYou developed products based on big data and artificial intelligence, which aims to solve clients' problem of inefficiency. It ensures that iPinYou always represents the advertisers' interest. To achieve the goal of transparency, iPinYou has taken various strategies.


First of all, iPinYou invested specialized expertise and advanced facilities. The company built anti-fraud forces, who conducted massive calculations. It aims at transparency with both hardware and software supports. iPinYou is highly confident in its business scale and competitiveness, which are essential in the anti-fraud battle.


Second, iPinYou keeps building core technologies in big data and artificial intelligence. It provides intelligence solutions which do not only serve clients with multi-dimensional value-added intelligent data, but also create unconventional marketing models. iPinYou launched the digital advertising management platform Optimus Prime. Its features enable a transparent user experience including transparent billing, transparent data, and transparent traffic.


Lastly, iPinYou has partnered with 15 industry leaders in the media supply chain in 2016, including advertisers, third-party tracking firms, and advertising associations. Together, the partnership made significant contributions to anti-fraud endeavors. iPinYou has set benchmarks for key evaluation metrics. Cooperated with world's leading digital advertising companies XAXIS and Integral Ad Science (IAS), iPinYou published "Digital Advertising Anti-Fraud Best Practices."


Because of the determination on transparency, iPinYou earned trust from advertisers. Living through years of fierce competition in the Chinese market, iPinYou won the championship in programmatic buying. Holding tight on the principle of creating maximum value for customers, iPinYou will persistently pursue transparency through its big data and artificial intelligence technologies, and strategic partnership with industry leaders.

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