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Passengers fly, airlines soar: airlines partner with iPinYou to boost business in China


SEATTLE, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- With a warm breeze and golden sunshine of spring, the best time of the year for travelling has come. Although consumers could not wait to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, the shadow of United Airlines' incident still lingers. Travelers become more cautious than ever in choosing an airline brand. Facing this challenge, it is crucial for airlines to win back customers' trust. To help airlines in achieving the goal, programmatic experts, like iPinYou, turn the challenge into an opportunity.


Today, 60% of leisure and 41% of business travelers are making travel arrangements via the Internet (Rezdy). Moreover, 83% of millennials allow travel brands to track their online activities in exchange for a better and more personalized experience. 43% of travel companies named "targeting and personalisation" as the top priorities in their digital strategy (SmartInsights).  The travel industry has completely transformed into a digital-first sector.


Meeting the needs of digitalization for the travel industry, programmatic advertising provides airlines with the most efficient approach to customer acquisition and retention. First, programmatic ads generate real-time insights and combines them with dynamic creative. Director of international marketing at American Airlines Stephen Davis suggests to "deliver a series of messages over programmatically bought ad positions that build to tell a wider story (Marketing Week)". They benefited from insightful analytics, which helped to shape future creatives. Second, programmatic ads target various market segments precisely. It differentiates young professionals from business travelers, students from backpackers, and sightseeing lovers from shoppers. For example, to attract business class passengers, Turkish Airlines employed programmatic advertising. They reserved premium inventory at fixed pricing and used customer data to market to specific valuable segments across integrated platforms, which achieved outstanding operational efficiency and ROI (DoubleClick).


China is a rapidly growing market for airlines all over the world. In 2015, there were 75 new nonstop air routes available between China and the US, with a 30% increase over 2014. By the end of 2017, over 200 new international routes will be offered (China Daily). However, great potential comes along with greater competition. As the largest programmatic buying company in China, iPinYou serves prestigious airline clients to stand out from competition. These clients include global carriers such as American Airlines, Korean Airline, and domestic pioneers such as Air China and Xiamen Air.


iPinYou helped Air China to maximize its brand awareness among domestic Chinese travelers and drive ticket sales for international flight during major holidays along the year. iPinYou's programmatic marketing platform combined with an integrated DMP enabled Air China to far exceed their original campaign goals and achieve particularly high click-through and conversion rates. For Xiamen Air, iPinYou helped to connect global passengers with its 1st US touchdown. The holiday promotion campaign boosted sales on their new Seattle – Shenzhen - Xiamen route, and successfully drove higher traffic to the website. Through iPinYou's best-of-breed technology and algorithm, iPinYou was able to help Xiamen Air to reach a greater audience, with a CTR that's two times higher than industry average.


With extensive experiences in the travel industry, iPinYou's capability helps airlines to reach their market capacity in China. Partnering with iPinYou, airlines enjoy more efficient and effective outcomes through advanced technology in programmatic buying. Although China is a challenging battlefield, iPinYou has sharpened swords and will always stand by your side until total victory.


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