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iPinYou rolls out AI-based enhanced strategy to make marketing smarter


iPinYou has released a white paper on transparency in digital advertising under the theme “Built on transparency, powered by AI” at a ceremony held in Shanghai recently. Being the leading AdTech platform in China, iPinYou was one step ahead of the rest when it formally launched the nation’s first white paper on transparency, “Introducing Transparency in Digital Advertising, 2017—A White Paper” during the event. The company set its path for the next three years set it pledged that the development of its in-house AI marketing solutions product MIP will be its main focus during this period to help brands build their own “AlphaGo”.


As it is, ‘transparency’ and ‘AI’ have been the buzzwords in digital advertising in 2017. As consumer touchpoints and the media become more fragmented, the challenges facing marketers span from product conceptual to the mass amount of strategies and data they have to deal with as they try to keep pace with consumers’ media consumption patterns. AI will be able to enhance the brand’s strategy model through big data and machine learning; but this premise is built on trust and transparency must be the core of the collaboration between all the parties involved.


Over the past year, brand marketers have laid the ground work in ad tracking and measurement encompassing the whole supply chain. Based on iPinYou’s experience in running this process, brand marketers must demand a higher standard for transparency in order to enjoy the full benefits from AI. As such, Grace Huang has set three transparency-oriented goals as growth targets: data transparency, mechanism’s transparency and measurement transparency.


 The ecosystem of Transparency 2.0: MIP, endowing intelligence to marketing strategies


iPinYou has announced the launch of its whole-chain solution offering, the Marketing Intelligence Platform, as part of its commitment to Transparency 2.0. This platform is grounded in AI to offer a machine learning-based solution for brands. At the same time, brands could work on a more tailor-made and comprehensive strategy based on data insights.


Writing his foreword for iPinYou’s whitepaper, Billy Turchin, vice president, channels, Greater China, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), said increased transparency remains the biggest driver behind the continuous innovation of digital advertising. “Our earlier partnership on the iPinYou platform was based on a huge amount of data insights. It opened our eyes to the potential of transparency and also brought very good results,” said Turchin. He believed that a transparent ecosystem provides a conducive environment for brand marketers to attempt more technological innovations in marketing strategies and he was optimistic that iPinYou will help brands achieve more breakthrough in its Transparency 2.0 manifesto.


Meanwhile, representatives from Sunning.com, Fonterra China and IHG affirmed during a sharing session that their collaboration with iPinYou was based on a transparency model. Building on the foundations of data, the collaborations have resulted in noticeable benefits from transparency. Ting Hai Yun, deputy general manager of Suning.com’s advertising center said iPinYou has been the pioneer as well as the only company that implements transparency in the industry. He confirmed that Suning.com’s collaboration with iPinYou has brought remarkable results and the ecommerce company was looking forward to a transparency ecosystem initiated by iPinYou. After all, transparency gives a lift to a brand’s marketing strategy and lends it more credibility.


Joining hands to uncover a new era of transparency in digital advertising


In the spirit of collaborative benefits, the launch of the white paper was attended by third-party partners and representatives from various associations.


Praising the effort of iPinYou in leading the transparency crusade, Chen Yong, secretary-general of Interactive Network Committee, the initiative will put the industry in a better shape and he expressed his hope that the China Advertising Association will be open to working together with iPinYou to set up accreditation benchmarks and frameworks to fully implement transparency.


Certainly, the testimonials given are proof that iPinYou talk the talk and walk the walk in its transparency pledge. During the launch, iPinYou also announced that it would kickstart the dual viewership report with major platform players Youku, iQiYi and Tencent. That was a pilot initiative to introduce transparency on video platforms and a key measure in iPinYou’s Transparency 2.0 manifesto.


As the transparency effort of the digital advertising industry goes into overdrive, each party strives hard to earn the trust and affirmation from brands. However, the effort demands that all parties are committed in their pursuance of technology excellence and they must keep an open approach towards brands. On the other hand, AI applications will further enhance the effectiveness of the marketing solutions.


Being the pioneer in the industry, iPinYou has taken the first leap to transform the industry by implementing the measures stated in its “Built on transparency, powered by AI” white paper. Its brand-new Transparency 2.0 solutions will consolidate the benefits of AI onto marketing strategies to help its partners build a future of transparency in digital advertising.

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