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iPinYou becomes first Chinese AI enterprise to attend EyeforTravel


The company steps up effort in international expansions when it becomes the first Chinese AI-marketing company to be invited to the prestigious travel marketing summit EyeforTravel.


iPinYou’s president of international markets Sara Ye was the only Chinese representative from the AI industry to attend the EyeforTravel conference held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on October 19 to 20 in 2017. The opportunity provided her the platform to interact with international players in the travel industry, whereupon the parties discussed personalized traveler experience, non-traditional accommodation models, as well as comprehensive marketing strategy to promote brand loyalty in the digitalized travel industry, all under the backdrop of the tourist attractions in Las Vegas.


The two-day EyeforTravel North America 2017 conference was well known to be the most important event in the industry’s calendar. Among the speakers present include those from LOLA, Booking.com, The Marriott Group, Hilton Worldwide, IHG, the who’s who involved in strategy planning for online travel, business intelligence and marketing. The event attracted the attention of travel marketing experts from all over the world.


During the conference, Ye participated in the panel discussion titled ‘Effectively connect travel with outbound Chinese tourists’ with Rebecca Heidgerd, then director of marketing at Student Universe and Kelvin Liao, marketing manager, Xiamen Airlines. Ye told the audience that iPinYou was committed to improving its AI marketing capabilities to further enhance the relationship between international travel brands with Chinese consumers as part of its contribution to the international digitization of the travel industry.


The commitment is unsurprising given that iPinYou has been a pioneer in the industry leading the effort to build better relationships with brands through improved technical capabilities to develop better business strategies. The company has inevitably paved the way for the industry to grow more healthily under this environment. At the same time, iPinYou has worked with international brands for many years, playing a huge part in these brands’ expansion into the Chinese market while it has also led Chinese brands to the international markets. Concurrently, iPinYou has an in-depth understanding of the travel market and its presence at the EyeforTravel 2017 North America conference further stamps its growth in international expansions.


Meanwhile, over the past recent years, the increased spending powers of Chinese consumers as well as global economic growth have the vast Chinese market even more attractive to international brands. Likewise, Chinese brands are eager to embrace the opportunities and challenges that come with the internationalization trends. iPinYou has played its role as the bridge between these brands with the consumers to provide brands with effective marketing strategies for cross-border services.


Opening a new market is no easy task for many brands simply because they lack the understanding of the local consumers and unsure of whether their marketing strategies would work in a new environment. This inevitably makes marketing more challenging but iPinYou strives to help brands solve this problem. By building a deep understanding of the brand’s value and delving into the trove of consumer data, iPinYou is able to build a comprehensive consumer profile to know their needs. Through data, cloud marketing, its marketing intelligence platform (MIP) and other AI-related solutions, iPinYou is able to help brands address the marketing loop and achieve better ROIs from ad spend. Until recently, the brands that iPinYou has worked with include 90% of the Top 500 companies such as P&G, Unilever, GE and IHG on thousands of marketing strategies for their breakthrough in the Chinese market.


For example, iPinYou helped an international hotel chain narrow down its target audience in the fragmented Chinese online environment through targeted ads according to the different product lines of the brand. The campaign was carried out in a measurable sales funnel during the Lunar New Year period when Chinese consumers were likely to visit their relatives. As a result, the ad received billions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of clicks which exceeded the expected CTR of the hotel chain.


Being the partner of iPinYou, StudentUniverse said the key to expanding into the Chinese market was the right partner. The fragmented and highly competitive Chinese publisher network can be daunting for brands inexperienced in the Chinese market while iPinYou is highly experienced in this area to provide one-stop solutions for brands. On the other hand, Xiamen Airlines said iPinYou’s data trove greatly improved the impressions of its ads while visitor numbers to the website as well as the booking orders also improved significantly.


As a whole, iPinYou has set its sights on an international agenda through AI and big data strategies to help brands obtain better marketing ROIs and business intelligence. The whole-chain marketing solutions MIP recently launched by iPinYou was a product that taps into machine learning to equip brands with better strategies. Through this platform, brands are able to develop its own intelligence-driven strategies through the consolidation of data for a more comprehensive plan.


Meanwhile, iPinYou is already international in many aspects with its world-class team and products, internationalized marketing concepts and experience in serving international brands. It is well-placed to help brands develop the most scientific plan, and to one day close the gap between international and the Chinese market. It is hoped that iPinYou will step up its effort towards internationalization to achieve more breakthrough and progress in global business strategies.

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